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If you are interested and motivated to work with us please get in touch.


Our Mission:

Our job is to combine vision, science, and safety with our sales and marketing to create membership value. We partner with distributors and retailers and offer the most competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. Our b2b holdings support Healthcare and CBD businesses by solving industry-wide problems such as sourcing raw materials, white labeling, and packaging and supply solutions.

Join GPOPlus+

We are always on the lookout for the best people in the industry! We believe the best companies are comprised of the best people.

Below are the main areas of focus:

Web Development

We are looking for web designers, developers, coders, server admins, database administrators and seo experts.

App Developers

We want to launch industry leading apps and we need the best people to make it happen. We are looking for amazing app developers.

Business Development

There are a tremendous amount of opportunities available in the Healthcare/CBD industries and we need your help identifying them.

Marketing + Branding

To further our purpose, we are looking for the best marketing and branding experts in the industry.

Fulfillment + Distribution Support

We have a major distribution network and they need support to ensure our members receive their much needed orders correct and on time.

Sales + Customer Service

GPOPlus provides extraordinary member support and we need the best people to make it happen.

To apply to join the GPOPlus+ team, please send your resume, a cover letter and salary expectations via email to careers@gpoplus.com.