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Stay Clean!


SafeHandles™ are shrunk to fit and adhesive film covers that continuously reduce the growth of certain microbes to ensure the product is clean and durable.
A New Standard of


The REVOLUTIONARY, a passive system that works continuously to protect itself to ensure your handles are clean and durable!

SafeHandles films are fundamentally cleaner and more durable than untreated handles, so they are ideal for use in high-traffic environments where cleanliness is critical, where users need to eliminate filthy handles.

Kills Germs

Up to 6 months

The silver technology in SafeHandles film works continuously to protect the product from damaging bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi to ensure the product is clean and durable.

Trusted by

Schools, Hotels and Businesses

SafeHandles is the proven technology that is trusted for high-traffic areas found in schools and businesses across the United States to supplement their standard hygiene procedures.

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